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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Health Notes

Health Notes

Sunday 18th January 2009

Good morning, and what a lovely day; well it is here in Berkshire! The sun is shining and it’s not nearly as cold as it has been this last week. I hope this arrives at your home in a similar sun-shining way.

Welcome to my inaugural weekly newsletter and I guess it’s going to be a week for firsts. The most highly publicised is of course the swearing in of the first African American President. I guess Barack Hussein Obama’s grandparents never thought they would see an African American President in their own lifetime let alone that President being their own grandson!

But how life has changed in such a short time. In my own lifetime I have seen the arrival of tights, tampons, under wired bras and swimsuits that aren’t rouched and elasticated from top to bottom. Television, home and mobile telephones, the internet, personal computers and apples that you don’t eat. Space travel, satellites, high tech- lifelike prosthetic limbs, heart and liver transplants and horror of horrors, mixed NHS wards to name but a very small sample. But still we don’t like change.

Energetically, the changes in the last eighteen months, have been like a trip in the Star Trek Enterprise. We have gone where no man has gone before us. We have travelled at warp speed, been sucked through a few black holes and emerged the other side, hair dishevelled, uttering profanities and wondering what on earth was all that about?

But now equiped with our new vehicles and slowly emerging souped up engines it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty!

As this new chakra, just below our feet, connects with the planet itself. We find ourselves being drawn into the heart of what we personally need to address. For most of us, it is our love of ourselves. By seeing the utmost truth of our situation can we now formulate a plan for the future. By not being fearful of life, the history we have accumulated in our lives, can now be transformed into workable files and actions.

Physically, it has been a week of bad chests, really horrid chest infections and painful recoveries. For others experiencing toxic headaches and still dissolving into floods of tears at a glance is their journey. Others, have, like myself been given a gift of at last realising a truth.

I, on opening a letter from Thames Valley University informing me of my acceptance as an MPhil/PhD Student, immediately rang my mother. “Don’t take this the wrong way Barbara” she said “but do you think this is indicative of the lowering of the educational standards”.

What more could I say? Thank You I feel is what I should have said; and did. What a gift! 54 years of pushing me to the extreme without even knowing it. I do have my mother to thank for my determination and worth, but no longer need the lesson of self-acceptance and being accepted by others. Wow, a big week.

What was your realisation?

Firstly, you will feel the utter pain and hurt. This is entirely natural; but don’t get bogged down in the hole. The next step is to realise the positive changes this has brought to your life. Accept this, all of it, feel it deep down into your core, welcome it with open arms. Yes! And now feel the freedom of not being held back by the imaginary bungy rope any longer.

Write it down if you can’t imagine or visualise it. Putting pen to paper often works to cement the often, intangible muddle. Transcribe your week, find your realisation, it is there. Get this crap off of your chest!

We are so used to living in the negative it is hard for us to accept the positive. It is so easy for us to be a victim, but to see what positive actions that situation has brought into our lives is nigh on impossible at first.

A patient of mine, a man, divorced and now happily married again, was still so angry with his previous wife for having the audacity to leave him, is missing the most important lesson. He’s actually happy and wouldn’t have experienced this new relationship had he still been in the previous marriage!

This man, on realising the importance of that fact nearly floated out of the clinic.

Who do you need to say THANK YOU to?

We can pinpoint the exact time a headache begins, but can we do the same when it has gone? NO. It’s the same for positive and negative experiences. Think back over the past week and take a long hard look for the positive and accept this positive into your life and say thank you.

The coming week is shaping up to be a balance of chaos/creativity. Good or bad, it’s your choice entirely.

For those of you with a known adrenaline toxicity and a penchant for the chaotic, you may like to call for a research essence blend to help. Just call Laura on 01753 863214 it’s yours for £5 inclusive of postage. I have been experimenting with this myself over the past few days and can honestly say it works. You must not take it internally. But used in the bath or added to cream or oils and massaged in at night and then shower off in the morning works really well. Alternatively, place into a spray bottle with spring water and spray at night on the affected areas is also good.

So on that helpful note, I’m looking forward next week, to a new creative you and me and a very visible Barack and his new USA. Lets hope our cousins the other side of the Atlantic choose to be creative also.

© Barbara Olive 2009