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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Out with the old and in with the new

I hope that life is treating you kindly in what seems to be an eternity of changing energy.

I just wanted to touch base to let you know what has been happening in my world since those fabulous days in Eton.

Energetically, so much has changed, well it had to really, to prepare us for the most amazing transformation the population has ever experienced.

I've been charting and working with these changes since 2007, when they really took ff and it's been a whirlwind for sure.  The past three years has been extremely uncomfortable for most of us.

I had to have quiet time myself during these changes, enforced - the Universe Made Me stop to take a step backwards and see what was happening.  The Universe has a way of stopping us all.

Maybe you've had a similar situation in the past year?  An awful lot of people have been stopped from working for all sorts of reasons, with situations such as redundancy, illness, or maybe you may have even had to look after someone else who needed your help?

We actually all need that 'time out' - to allow those changes to happen.

I see that time for me as a blessing.  From standing back and watching the events of changing energy, I understand completely why and how this is happening and most importantly how to help you now, in a way that is constructive and to the overall plan of transformation, not keep you back in the dark ages.

We have the most amazing opportunity to change our lives forever and those of our immediate family, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and parents, due to the change in our DNA.  As your DNA changes, it has a knock on effect.

One of those changes for me has been the decision to go back to Australia in the New Year.  I feel that my assignment (I say tongue in cheek), here is coming to an end.  Ive learned an awful lot in the process and am finishing up my thesis on the research I have done here on my work.  Every one who is part of Essence World as a customer, client or staff member is part of that doctorate.

But as with an course of learning we now have to use that knowledge and wisdom gained or what was the point of learning it?  So I'm planning how to help you the best way I can.

It seems everyone had to tighten their belts in the past few years so the obvious way forward was to cut out journeys for long distance patients and treat them remotely,then complete the process by speaking on the phone, Skype or facetime and send the essence in the post.  This worked so well that it has become somewhat of a common occurrence now for everyone. Of course moving means that I'm still at the end of the phone-line for you wherever you or I are in the world.  Irrespective of where I am you can ALWAYS get me.  I currently have patients in many different parts of the world and it makes no difference to them whatsoever.

Don't you just love this technology?  When I was little the only way to communicate was the phone in the red box at the end of the street, which of course you could only use if your friend was 'posh' enough to have a phone in their house.  I think I used it mostly to get the time, "at the third stroke it will be....pip,pip,pip". Strange child I hear you say, but I was just fascinated!

I think we take so much for granted these days.  Most of you under 60 wouldn't even know these times of evolutionary communication changes.  The energy changes we have been experiencing recently, are in fact the end of one and the start of a new age.

Your Sixth Sense is a vital part of communication and is now becoming a very real part of you to take us all into this Age of Feeling.

By the way, I'm not just treating remotely, if you want a treatment in person, I'm now finding it better to come to you to add a little more clearing of old energies in your home as a little value added extra to help you move on with these wild energies.

intuits® is better than ever, with a new format to take into account these new energies and up to the minute circuit changes.  Each reading will now give you a report and chart to show how this works for you within the maze of roadways your body has to tackle to achieve brilliance.  I'm also going to offer 
intuits® training in January 2014 to enable you to offer this amazing insight and help to your own clients and friends.  Please do call me if you want further information.

As part of the process of changing countries the old Essence World number 01753 863214 has now been turned off.  To make sure you know how to contact me here are my contact details.

Mobile          07711370398
Skype           barbara.olive
Facebook      Essence World or

I'm working as usual until I move so if you want to catch up before February, please call me, I'd love to hear from you.
All my best wishes for Christmas and the forthcoming year and I'm really looking forward to such an exciting time in our evolution as we become free of our past.

Sending you the biggest of Barbie hugs xxxxx