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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Flower Healer - Flower essence Medicine for healing

This has been the most fascinating journey for me. Cico my publishers asked me to write this book in a way that everyone could understand Energy Medicine and the Medicine of Energy – Essences! From the feedback I have been receiving since The Flower Healer was published in September 2007 I have managed to do this, thank goodness.

I decided to create this blog about The Flower Healer so you could add to its history your own stories, ask questions or give feedback on the content of the book.

Since The Flower Healer was published in September last year our energy circuits have changed beyond belief. The essence that helps us to remain calm and working through these changes are, believe it or not, the South African Daisy, the flower on the cover of the book! You can call Essence World +44 01753 863214 to order, its dead easy.

Many millennia ago we de-volved. To understand this process would take more space than I have here, maybe a new blog? But since 23 December 2007 the final touches were put in place to enable each and every one of us to move forward with our own evolution and to stand in our own power with ease. The South African Daisy addresses issues such as pioneering spirit and with these new energetic bodies who could argue with that?

What intuition Cico had at the time they chose the flower to appear on the cover of the book. As you will know I made the essence purely because of this. I am so glad I did. This future part of the journey is evolving as we speak, time is beginning to have a most important element of our futures. Not money or love but getting our heads around the whole subject of time.

I look forward to continuing the journey of The Flower Healer. Barb x