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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Peace Project - Energy

This morning I was contemplating the bigger picture of this journey and the astrological movements and it’s interpretation that Sue so kindly offered for the duration of this trip.

As many of you know I always take into account the astrological influences when an essence is born.  But it’s not only the birth of that essence that is important. 

Any essence maker will tell you that they are only one part of the co-creation of this alchemical mix. The journey of making the essence, is a huge part of the gestation period when the essence is growing to maturation.

Just like the creation of a human, you have the two physical makers male and female and the history of their ancestors as held in their DNA.  The second part, the spirit of the new being and it’s history of all the life it has seen since time began.  And of course the third aspect, the celebration of the life of the new being as mapped out by the astrological imprint at the time of birth.  During its time of forming in utero any happening good or bad can affect the little being about to pop out. Or if you like it's subconscious triggers. 

I often talk about energy as vibration or music; its waves, tones and harmony that create a symphony of sound.  What has this got to do with astrology? Musica universalis (the Greek translation is, music of the spheres) is an ancient philosophical concept that the movements of the celestial bodies creates a sound, an inaudible harmony. This vision reminded me of the tattoo I had during this gestational period. Well actually both Stu and I had the same tattoo in the same place! 

Its written in Elvish and translated is Ainulindalë – the sound made by the Ainur (primordial spirits) together with Ilúvatar to create the world. Ainulindalë is the first chapter of Tolkiens, Silmarillion.

Isn’t it wonderful how synchronistic events lead us down a path that we follow, if we only listen to the instructions.

So with thanks to Sue here is her interpretation of the sound we’ll be following on this journey.

Full Moon on Thursday (9.41 GMT) is augmented by the proximity of Mars to the Moon, aspected to Venus, Jupiter and Pluto (all in Earth signs), so should make it easier to manifest ideas and dreams.

There are some powerful grounding energies around for a while. 

The New Moon on the 22nd is the day after the Spring Equinox - with 4 planets in Aries is indeed new growth stimulated by the need for change. Any action needs to be very grounded to make full use of the karmic potential on offer! The Spring Equinox on the 20th is where the full inspiration and ideas needed for the New Moon become both apparent more available to all!

Not long now! Bx

PS Found this on You Tube  - Ainulindalë

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