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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Peace Project - Goddess

It's been a while since I posted anything here and it's only the impending departure to follow the gestation of my latest 'baby' into the depths of Turkey that has you asking for an update of it's wellbeing, that I've revisited the land of The Flower Healer.

Friday is looming ever closer and I'm sure I haven't done enough preparation...........3 years and counting, which has me asking - Are we ever satisfied with what we've done?  In my case a resounding no,  I put it all down to the parenting I had, nothing was ever good enough.  On the plus side I never cut corners and always give everything I possibly have and at times squeezing just a little more into the project.

I look at the schedule I have and see that maybe I've squeezed just a little too much in this time.  

The flower that started this Turkey/Greece trip
I have the necessary papers, passports, tickets and brand new £10 note for the visa in Istanbul.  What's all that about, surely they would/should take it in their own currency?   My camera has had an overhaul, although I'm still waiting for the courier to deliver it.  And a new journal is ready for the copious notes.

As some of you know this essence is looking into balancing the female and male energies. We need some help that's for sure. Upstairs tell me, for the male to be protective the female has to be vulnerable or is it the other way round?

I've just realised I have two men with me for half of the trip. Son No 1, Stu is coming for the whole trip to look after me, now that's a first! 

I don't know if I have a vulnerable mother look, maybe it has nothing to do with being a vulnerable mum but just a female.  And as for my offspring - just becoming a man, taking responsibility and showing he's the stronger one, (he should be, he's at the gym weight training 3 times a week)!  I must remember to let him to carry my bags! And man No 2 - well,  my friend Sharon has lent me her husband Oz for a week, he did a grand job last year of looking after me when I broke my foot for the second time in 2 months,  so I know I'm in safe hands.

The magical picture for it to happen (courtesy of Nichola)

Before this journey goes any further I want to thank everyone for helping this trip come to fruition.  Whether its giving us a bed for the night, painting a picture of their view on a magical place, where miracles happen,  good luck charms, prayers or thoughts and even husbands!  A lot has happened to bring me to this point.  Stories that you couldn't write about, but somehow I think I may just have a crack at it!

Thank you everyone.  Speak soon.X

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